Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Last Sweater For A While

Yarn: Wool of the Woods Capri, 50% cotton 50% rayon, 1000 yards
Needles: Clover bamboo 4mm, US 6
Pattern, sort of: Drops Drops number 81 , pattern 6〈=us

This yarn is lovely with a soft sheen. Unfortunately it splits like crazy. It is the last sweater for a while because I lost 10 pounds while working on it and it is a bit too wide. My size needs to settle down before knitting more things that are supposed to fit. (This sounds like a complaint. It isn't. Just an observation.)

I learned a trick on this one. I used a yoga mat for blocking and it worked very very nicely. I can spare a mat to pin things to. I didn't learn how to take a decent picture of a knitted object. I ought to work on that.

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