Monday, May 22, 2006

Practice, Practice

So I have this here fiber blog. It's time I tried to train myself to post snaps like all of you normal folks do. So this weekend I knitted this Nauty lovingly designed by Beth Skwarecki. A friend, a scuba diver, is having her first baby. I thought her daughter needed something that isn't pink with lace. So here it is.

I tried to baby-proof it with acrylic and cotton and embroidered eyes. But I'm a bit out of practice with this baby stuff. And I haven't quite gotten on board with all of the New Regulations designed to keep the little ones germ-less and safer than safe.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Patience Training

sounds like it would be a good name for the heroine of a Victorian novel but it is actually what I am imposing on myself. On Tuesday (May 9) I placed an order for a Wee Robin Traveler in curly maple. And now I wait. Not my best skill.

But it is lovely. I have long wanted a traveling wheel, have dabbled in looking at them. And then early at the MS&W ... well I was ill. I wasn't going to go. But I couldn't bear actually missing a year when I live less than 1/2 hour away. So I zipped up the road and arrived long before they opened. My first stop is always the same -- I buy a lovely woven basket, one a year. And there was Gilbert delivering a wheel to Lisa before their booths opened. And I fell in love. It is charming, beautifully designed, and has lovely curves and brass, betraying the boatbuilding experience of its designer. I would have ordered it then and there, but I had to decide between cherry and curly maple.

And I got my basket.