Monday, June 26, 2006

Ankle Socks !!

I received my first ball of Fixation after I had signed up for this KAL. It was so small. Oh well, my feet are size 6, not so large. Forging ahead I knitted my first sock. I admit that I designed it to minimize yarn use. I used a short ribbing at the top, nothing fancy on the heel flap.

Then it was time to knit the second sock. Totally ignoring the yarn scale in my kitchen -- Well I do use it for other things. -- I decided the ball was much too small for the second sock. The entire time I knitted it I planned for what I would do when I ran out of yarn. Maybe one purple toe and I'd have a story for folks?

See how faithless I was? Here is a lovely pair of shorties with their leftover yarn. They are Color 9442, Hawaiian Splendor. And they go wonderfly (I think that is spelled correctly but it sure looks strange.) with my lilac crocs.

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Mac said...

Cute! I need to knit some ankle socks for the Summer.

Beware, though - Fixations shrinks like crazy when washed.

Ellen in Conn said...


and beautifully, too.