Monday, October 23, 2006

Socktober! And First Picture

I think my new camera is working well. I am working minimally. So I have my first picture, socks I finished yesterday. Note the excellent identical nature thereof please.

Pattern: Nancy Bush, Oak Ribbed Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: DGB Confetti Superwash, 49% Superwash wool, 35% Cotton, 16% Nylon, Made in Italy
Coulour: 08.003; the picture is decently accurate in spite of the flash and white wall
Needles: Brittany Birch 2.5 mm (1.5 American)
Source: I've forgotten. Someplace in Canada where I buy Phildar patterns sometimes

I've heard that Nancy Bush's patterns make narrow socks which wouldn't match my feet. These are not remotely narrow but they're a bit loose too. If I used this yarn again, which I won't because it feels a bit too much like string, I'd knit it on a 2.25 m I think.


aija said...

They look so happy! :)

Lisa McMann said...

I love these.

Mme. Defarge said...

Thank you.

paula said...

pretty socks!

I am at Sorry for being tricky with my address!

Carol said...